Tiered/Shaped Cake Transportation Guide

1. Your cake will be made one day in advance and kept in a cooler so it’s firm for transportation.

2. We do our best to cover your cake entirely, but depending on the size of your cake, as well as what size board it is on, your cake may or not be boxed and/or covered.    

3. Your cake should be transported flat on the floor of the vehicle, so a van or SUV works best.

4. We will provide you with a non-slip mat to go under the bottom board of the cake which will prevent it from sliding around in the vehicle.

5. Please make sure you have a clear area in your vehicle when you come to pick up the cake. This means not having anything that could slide or fall into the cake.

6. In warm or humid weather, make sure to have the air conditioner running.

7. You should never transport a tier cake that has been sitting at room temperature. We recommend picking the cake up at the bakery and taking it straight to the reception location.

8. If you must pick it up ahead of time,
• Fondant Cakes- take straight to reception location and leave at room temperature. DO NOT REFRIGERATE.
• Buttercream cakes- we recommend buttercream cakes be stored in the refrigerator.

9. Once the cake is at the reception location, it is perfectly fine to sit at room temperature (72 degrees or cooler) until the reception begins.

10. Toppers should be placed on the cake only after it is set up at the reception hall.

11. The cake should be examined at the time of pick-up. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, please let us know before you leave with the cake.

12. While at the bakery, your cake is kept in a humidity controlled cooler.

13. Oakmont Bakery is not responsible for the condition of the cake once it leaves our facility.

14. Any repairs to the cake will be subject to additional charges.

15. If you have any questions regarding the transportation of your cake, please call us at 412.826.1606. 

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