At Oakmont Bakery there is so much to experience, savor and enjoy! Each day you will find our seemingly never-ending line of showcases brimming with delicious decisions! 


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  • Breads, Bagels & Rolls

    Our huge variety of crisp and chewy, moist and hearty, soft and savory melt-in-your-mouth breads, rolls and bagels are sure to please! From familiar favorites to unique specialty and party breads and kettle-boiled bagels - we make them all! Fresh dough, mixed from scratch, hand formed and baked to a golden perfection each and every day. At Oakmont Bakery it’s not just bread - it’s a feel-good sensory experience!

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  • Cakes & Cupcakes

    At Oakmont Bakery, we’ve made selecting a dessert an event! Whether you’re a certified “choco-holic,” or you prefer the sweet simplicity of rich, moist vanilla, we’ve got your craving covered in an endless variety of fabulous ways! Our incredibly moist and delicious cakes and cupcakes are the perfect way to celebrate everything from a special occasion to a simple “treat yourself” moment. Indulge! (Got an attitude? Our famous “Attitude Cupcakes” are right there with you! Be sure to check them out in our store!)

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  • Chocolate Dipping Station

    An amazing selection of fruits, pastries, cookies and more hand-dipped in the finest Callebaut Belgian Chocolate. Nothing will satisfy your chocolate craving like our smooth, rich, bursting with flavor gourmet chocolate Dipping Station creations! A “must have” experience at Oakmont Bakery!

    CLICK HERE for our full line of Chocolate Dipping Station Creations

  • Cookies

    Always fresh and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, our cookies are made from scratch using individually formulated recipes. Our popular cookie trays featuring a tempting assortment of all varieties are a must-have for family get-togethers and special occasions.

    CLICK HERE for our full line of cookies.

  • Donuts

    Light and airy glazed, perfectly crispy and chewy cake, or over-the-top loaded with everything donuts - we make our huge variety of mouth-watering donuts from scratch - every day. Irresistible!

    CLICK HERE for our full line of Donuts.

  • Pastries

    Our huge variety of pastries and mini pastries are sure to please - as beautiful as they are delicious! Our Mini Pastry Trays are a perfectly elegant and delicious addition to any party or corporate event.

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  • Pies

    Homemade from recipes passed down from generation to generation.  Always baked fresh and always a perfectly scrumptious way to complete a family dinner!

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  • Holiday & Specialty Items

    Special treats made just for special days! Christmas, Easter, Halloween, 4th of July, etc., cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more - perfect for holidays! Check out our huge selection of specialty items!

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  • Sports Items

    Whether you’re looking to score a home run or a touchdown with your guests, we have you covered! During each team’s season, we will be making products that are sure to be crowd pleasers. Whether it's cookies, cakes or cupcakes, your guests will have more to cheer for than just their favorite team!

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The following products contain foods that are made without gluten containing ingredients. This is not the same as gluten-free. While the ingredients listed for these items may not include anything that contains gluten, we cannot guarantee that these items did not come into contact with gluten during production. Due to the nature of our locations and open kitchens, there is a risk with any prepared food that cross contamination may occur. Risk is significantly reduced of gluten allergens, but with any food prepared on-site risk cannot be completely eliminated.


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