Weddings at Oakmont Bakery

Our professional staff and team of talented cake designers will work

hand-in-hand with you to help create the wedding cake of your dreams!  

Let us help you create the sweetest day! Scroll through to find information and basic pricing on our cakes, setup a wedding cake consultation, answer frequently asked questions, view our wedding cake gallery, and learn more about delivery and when it's all over, what to do with the cake topper for your 1st anniversary. 

About Our Cakes


  • White Almond
  • Yellow (Vanilla)
  • Chocolate
  • Red Velvet
  • Marble

Fillings - add .50 per slice:

  • Bavarian Cream
  • Cherry
  • Chocolate Cream
  • Cream Cheese
  • Fresh Raspberries and Glaze
  • Fudge
  • Lemon
  • Maraschino Cherry and Nut
  • Strawberry- Pie
  • Strawberry- Fresh (add 1.00 per slice)

Our buttercream icing is flavorful, but not too sweet - pleasing to any palette.

Serving Size Dimensions

6" high x 2" deep x 1' width
However, each reception site may cut the cake slightly different and may be a question for you to ask them. 

The following design elements are included in our base price of $3.50 per slice:

  • Traditional Design (Scallops & Pearl Beading) 
  • Three Dots
  • Simply Charming (Swiss Dot) 
  • Scroll Design
  • Spatula Icing
  • Naked Cakes

Toppings (additional charges apply):

  • Fresh Fruit: Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Grapes
  • Almonds
  • Chocolate Shavings
  • Coconut

We are happy to work with any design ideas you have! Additional costs may apply depending on the intricacy of the design and the materials used.  

All flowers (silk or fresh), floral arrangements, cake tops and statues to be provided by the bride and/or florist. We are happy to speak with your florist to coordinate flower placement on our cakes.

All Cake pillars, plates - crystal or white - and stands require a refundable deposit.

Setting up a consultation with our wedding cake specialist has never been easier! 

You may schedule a consultation by contacting our wedding coordinator at 412-826-1606 ext 4 or

Click here to fill out our form to get started!

Our sample cakes are a 6" round single layer cake, one batter with up to two fillings, one on each half of the cake. Use the cake batter and filling list above to choose what you would like for your sample cakes. We provide two sample cakes at no cost, each additional is $5.00. Please give us 2 days notice to prepare your samples. 

We will also provide 1 dozen cookies at no charge at the time of the appointment.

Commonly Asked Questions

When is the best time to order my wedding cake?

The sooner the better! As soon as you have a date and a reception location established, you may schedule a consultation and tasting with our wedding coordinator. The date is reserved with a $50.00 deposit and the price of the cake is guaranteed at contract signing All orders must be finalized and paid in full no later than 2 weeks prior to your wedding date.

Can I get different batters with each tier?

We are happy to alternate the batters and filings in your cake for no additional fee, but it can complicate the serving of the cake. If you decide to do multiple flavors, you may want to consider using a dessert table instead of serving the cake so the guests may choose the flavor they prefer. 

Do you incorporate colored icing into your cakes?

We recommend using fresh flowers or bow/ribbon accents to highlight your bridal party colors. However, if you provide a swatch we will match your color as close as possible. Keep in mind that the cake is usually photographed with only the bride and groom, so the bridal party colors are not a significant factor when choosing your cake. 

Will you cover my cake in rolled fondant?

The base price for a fondant covered wedding cake is $5.25 per serving. However, most designs can be made with our delicious buttercream frosting and we make every effort to get it as smooth as possible. If you are interested in tasting fondant icing, please mention it when placing your order for sample cakes.

Is it more cost efficient to have a smaller cake for decoration, and serve undecorated cakes to the guests? 

Although this option is less costly, the beauty, majesty and overall visual impact of a towering bridal cake is compromised. We recommend ordering a cake large enough to serve all of your guests.

Should I bring my ornament(s) to the bakery before the wedding?

Because certain ornaments or figurines are too tall or heavy for the cake, We will need to see what you have in mind. You will be responsible to bring them to the bakery two weeks prior to the wedding. 

If I don't have my decorations for the cake yet, when do I need to have them to you?

Please bring any ribbon, toppers, or other accents to the bakery at least 2 weeks before the wedding.

Will you have the cake there for my florist?

We are happy to coordinate with your florist. They may want to discuss placement of the flowers on the cake and also the set up time. If we do not hear from your florist, we will contact them the week of your wedding to discuss the details pertaining to your cake.

When do I need to have my cake paid in full?

Complete payment is required at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding date.

How long do you guarantee your pricing for?

Price is guaranteed at contract signing.

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delivery Information

Is there a delivery charge?

Yes, there is a delivery charge. Our delivery charges are based on mileage and our typical delivery radius is within 30 miles of the bakery. At Oakmont Bakery only professional decorators handle our cakes - from initial order to final delivery and set up. This ensures a flawless, perfectly elegant presentation of your custom wedding cake. 

What time will the cake be delivered? 
Reception halls generally have a time slot for delivery. Some are accessible most of the day, while others have more restricted slots. We schedule our deliveries accordingly and try our best to accommodate everyone involved.

Do you deliver the wedding cookies too?

Absolutely! We are happy to deliver your wedding cookies along with your cake at no additional charge. However, some reception halls require that the cookies be brought in the day before the wedding or early in the morning. In this case, you will be responsible to pick the cookies up at the bakery. Click here to learn more about our wedding cookies.

After the Wedding

What should I do with my top tier after the wedding?

We supply a box for you to transport the top tier home after the wedding. As soon as possible, remove the cake from the box; place it in an airtight container and freeze. With proper packaging, the cake should retain its flavor and serve as the perfect dessert for your first anniversary dinner!

When do I return the items or stands used to assemble my cake? 

The type of cake you order determines whether you will need to return anything. A refundable deposit, if applicable, will be stated on your contract. We hold a deposit based on the retail value of the items used to assemble your cake. We appreciate the return of these items within 3 days following the wedding. 

I just want to thank and praise your bakery for the delicious wedding cake that you delivered to the Heinz Center for Kirsten and James’ wedding. The detail on the cake reflected their decoration wishes to the “T”. It was elegant and the flower creation on top was exquisite. The cake itself was moist and the filling and frosting couldn’t have been more flavorful. We could realize the work and effort that goes in to creating this cake. Many thanks to all involved.