Order Policy

General Ordering
  • All orders require payment in full at the time the order is placed.
  • Online orders require a minimum of two days' notice.
  • If you need a last minute order, give us a call at 412-826-1606 ext 3 and we will do our best to accommodate!
  • For more elaborate cakes such as tiered cakes, shaped cakes, and fondant cakes, we require a minimum of two weeks' notice.  This minimum is subject to our availability.  We do book quickly for these types of cakes, especially during wedding season (May-October), and dates may fill up several months in advance.  Please reserve your date for these types of cakes in advance with a $50.00 nonrefundable deposit to secure the date.


Holiday Ordering for Easter, Thanksgiving, & Christmas

  • Due to production scheduling, we are unable to take orders for donuts, bagels, pastries, mini pies, mini cakes, dolce, chocolate dipped items, and bakery rolls.  We do our best to keep the store fully stocked with these items for in-store purchases.
  • Orders must be placed by the following dates:
    Easter- the Monday before - for pickup Friday and Saturday before.
    Thanksgiving- the Sunday before - for pickup the Tuesday and Wednesday before.
    Christmas- December 16th for pickup December 21-24.
  • After the dates listed above, we are unable to accept orders, but we will do our best to keep our cases fully stocked and continually refilled for in-store purchases.
  • After the dates listed above, we are unable to take any changes, additions, or cancellations.
  • If you do not pickup your order on the scheduled pickup date, your order will be forfeited as we will not hold orders over to the next day.

Modifying/Canceling an Order

  • Changes and cancellations must be done over the phone or in person.  We do not accept changes via email.
  • For most orders, we will not accept changes or cancellations within 48 hours of scheduled pickup.
  • For fondant, tiered, and shaped cakes, we will not accept changes or cancellations within 2 weeks of pickup or delivery.
  • If you must cancel your order, a full refund will be given if the cancellation is received more than 48 hours in advance.  If the cancellation occurs within 48 hours, no refund shall be issued.  These polices are different for tiered and shaped cakes.  Please refer to the tiered and shaped cake contract for specific cancellation policies.

Return Policies

We hope you love our products!  It is our policy to show the customer their custom order before they leave the bakery.  We ask that you carefully look at your order and make sure there were no errors made.  We consider this process acceptance of the product, and no refunds will be issued in regards to the appearance after it leaves the bakery. It's much easier to correct any problems while the customer is still in the store!  

If there’s a problem with your purchase, please return to the store with your receipt and the product and ask to speak to a manager.  If you’re unable to return same day, call 412.826.1606 ext 3 and provide us with an explanation of the problem, the information from your receipt, and your contact information.  A manager will follow up with you as soon as possible, most often on the same day.  In most instances of incorrect or unsatisfactory product, the product or a portion of the product must be returned.  Your original receipt is also required to resolve any discrepancy.

We do not offer refunds in cases where the product was baked and decorated correctly, but a flavor or texture didn't meet a personal preference. Most people love our flavors, but it's impossible to predict everyone's particular taste preferences. If something has gone wrong, please let us know right away!