Frequently ASked Questions

What are your regular hours?

Monday-Saturday 6am- 7pm

Sunday 6am- 3pm


What are your holiday hours?

New Year’s Eve (6am-5pm)

New Year's Day (Closed)

Saturday before Easter (6am-5pm)  

Easter Sunday (Closed)

Memorial Day (6am-3pm) 

Fourth of July (6am-3pm) 

Labor Day (6am-3pm) 

Thanksgiving Day (Closed)

Christmas Eve (6am-3pm) 

Christmas Day (Closed)  


I have a general question, whom should I contact?

We would love to hear from you!  Click here to use our contact form and direct your inquiry to the appropriate department.  


Where can I park?

In our front (3rd Street) lot, there are 30 parking spaces with one entrance in and out.  However, just past the front lot, there is a large parking lot with 80 additional spaces and multiple entrances/exits off 3rd Street and Hulton Road.


I’m in my car in the parking lot can you bring my order out?

Unfortunately, no. We do not offer drive thru pickup service.


Is Wi-Fi/wireless internet available?

Yes, we do have free Wi-Fi for Oakmont Bakery customers.  We ask that this service be used only by customers who are enjoying our products.


Do you accept seating reservations?

We are unable to accept reservations regardless of party size. Our seating is done on a first come, first serve basis.


What is the difference between the Sweet Line, Café Line and Bakery lines?

The Sweet Line is an express line for picking up Pre-Paid Orders and for purchasing prepackaged items from the store.

The Bakery line offers all available items in an unlimited quantity, including cakes, pastries, sandwiches, and coffee bar products.  The Café is set up to be an express line for dining purposes, displaying only the most popular bakery items.  While you can purchase your food and coffee bar items from the bakery line, the café line is ideal for lunch orders and limited pastry items and vice versa, you can order your bakery items from the café line.


What is the usual wait time in the bakery line?  In the café line?

As there are many factors including time of day, day of week, and time of year, it is impossible to give an exact wait time.  We monitor our serving times throughout the day, every day.  We have found the average wait time at peak hours to be approximately 15 minutes in the Bakery line, and under 10 minutes in the Café line.  Weekends, the average wait time is higher due to larger orders being filled.  During the holidays, we ask that you please allow ample time to purchase products or pick up orders.

As part of our ongoing effort to improve our customers’ experience, during the weekends, and on holidays, our most popular items are freshly pre-packed, and available in dozens.


When are you not busy?

Everyone loves freshly baked goods, thus not often are we really not busy. You can skip the line by placing your order 48 hours in advance and paying in full so that you can use the Sweet Line. 


How should I place an order?

We recommend using our website to place your order because you can see pricing and pictures of our products while ordering.  Please note that online orders require 2 days’ notice.

If you wish to place your order over the phone, please call us at 412-826-1606 ext 3 and have your credit card ready.


Can I place my order online?

Yes, we encourage you to take advantage of our online ordering system! 

Visit, click Products/Ordering and you can view pictures, descriptions and prices for all of our products and many cake designs.

Please note that online orders do require two days’ notice and payment in full.


Do you make picture cakes?

Yes!  We can print an edible image to be placed on your cake. 

Due to copyright laws, we can only print the licensed images that are shown on our website. 

Your picture will be printed using food coloring, thus the final product will have a more matte finish due to the moisture of the icing and the colors may slightly differ.  Bright colors will not transfer properly, for example gold will print mustard yellow.  For best results, ensure your picture is the best quality possible.  All imperfections will transfer onto the final product.  

Computerized alterations of the original picture cannot be done, and we cannot accept Copyrighted or Trademarked pictures.

Please note black colors may turn into a green shade due to moisture in the cake.


What if I want a custom design that I don’t see on your website?

Oakmont Bakery has made the difficult decision to limit our cake decorations to the designs we show on our website. While we realize that this may be disappointing to some of our customers, be assured that we will do our best to keep on top of the latest cake trends and will have these available for online and phone orders.  Click here to view our online cake galleries.


Do you make shaped cakes? How do you charge for these?

We do!  You can view some of our most popular shaped cakes on our website by clicking Products/Ordering above.  The charge is based on the number of servings of the cake and the level, and time required for the art work.  All shaped cakes generally require 2 weeks advance notice and full prepayment.


Can I place an order and pick it up the same day?

Same day orders can only be placed over the phone, and we do require a 1 hour turn around time.  Same day orders are subject to product availability.  Custom cake orders for the same day are dependent upon our production schedule and may or may not be able to be accommodated.

To ensure our availability to complete your order, please order at least 24 hours in advance.


How far in advance must I place my order?

Most items need a minimum advance notice of 24 hours, other items need more time.  All orders placed online require 2 days notice.

Elaborately decorated, custom cakes require 2 weeks advance notice, and full prepayment.  


Where do I pick up my order?

The Sweet Line is located at the far right of our store.  If you are just picking up your order, you may proceed directly there.  If you wish to purchase other items from our cases, please take a number, and we can get your order and your additional items when we call your number.


Do I have to stand in two lines if I have a pre-order and want additional items?

Absolutely not!  Just take a number when you come in, and when we call your number, we will get you your order as well as any products (including café items) from our cases.


Why do I need to wait if I pre-ordered?

While the Sweet Line is an express pickup line, you may have to wait just a few minutes while we assist the customers who arrived before you.   


Do I need to pay for my order in advance?

All orders require full payment in advance.   In addition, certain orders have non-refundable fees and deposits. 

All wedding and tiered cake orders must be booked with a $50.00 nonrefundable deposit and finalized and paid in full two weeks before pickup or delivery.


What methods of payments do you accept?

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted.  Checks are only accepted with photo ID.  We are unable to accept EBT cards.


Can I use someone else’s credit card to pay for my order?

In accordance with our credit card agreement, the person using the card must be the card owner. 


Do you accept payments over the phone?

Yes, with credit card.  


What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that unexpected circumstances arise, and you may need to cancel.  For most orders, if cancelled more than 48 hours before pickup, you will receive a full refund.  If the order is cancelled within 48 hours of the pickup, no refund shall be issued.

Please note that tiered cakes, shaped cakes, and some of our more elaborate cakes follow different guidelines.  Because certain cakes are more time intensive and we limit these types of orders, we require a $50.00 nonrefundable deposit and that the order be finalized and paid in full 2 weeks prior to pick up.  Cancellations within days 8-14 before pickup will result in a refund minus the $50.00 nonrefundable deposit.  Cancellations within days 0-7 before pickup will result in no refund.


Can you ship items?

Unfortunately, we do not offer shipping.


Do you offer delivery?

Delivery is available within 30 miles of our location.  Delivery charge is based on mileage. 

Small Orders- $25.00 for the first 5 miles + $2.00 for each additional mile.

Large Orders- $35.00 for the first 5 miles + $4.00 for each additional mile.

The complete order, including delivery charges, must be paid in full, no later than one week or seven days prior to the delivery date.

Do you offer wholesale?

Oakmont Bakery offers strictly retail services. While anyone is welcome to purchase our products at regular retail prices, we are unable to accommodate volume orders of our products around major bakery holidays such as Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Thanksgiving,  While we appreciate that you love our products and would like to resale them in your business, our #1 focus is on being able to provide a full selection of delicious memories to the customers in our store. 


What if I have a problem with my order or a particular product?

We ask that you check your purchases against your receipt prior to leaving the store.

If there’s a problem with your purchase, please return to the store with your receipt and the product and ask to speak to a manager.  If you’re unable to return same day, call 412.826.1606 ext 3 and provide us with an explanation of the problem, the information from your receipt, and your contact information.  A manager will follow up with you as soon as possible, most often on the same day.  In most instances of incorrect or unsatisfactory product, the product or a piece of the product must be returned.  Your original receipt is also required to resolve any discrepancy.


How should I heat up my catering items?

Most savory items should be heated up at 350° for approximately 8 – 10 minutes


Can I sample your cakes?

We offer complimentary cake tastings for weddings and events serving over 100 guests. However, we do have cupcakes and mini cakes available for purchase every day if you would like to try our cake prior to ordering a larger cake for your event.


How do I place a wedding cake order?

Wedding cake orders are taken by appointment only.  The appointment takes about 30 minutes and includes a consultation and tasting. You can schedule an appointment by calling 412-826-1606 ext 4 or by filling out an online contact form

We take appointments Monday 10-3, Tuesday 10-2:30, Wednesday and Thursday 10-6:30, and Friday 10-6.


How much advance notice do I need to give for a wedding cake?

Availability for us to make your wedding cake is dependent upon the date and the reception location.  We recommend booking at least 6 months in advance. 

To reserve the date, it’s a $50.00 nonrefundable deposit and the order needs finalized and paid in full two weeks before the wedding.


When is my payment for my wedding cake due? 

Payment is due two weeks in advance of your date.



How should I preserve my cake?

Most cakes are perfectly fine to be stored at room temperature with a 4 day shelf life.  It will be specified on our website if a certain filling or icing requires refrigeration.  If unsure, just ask!


Can I bring my own flowers to put on a cake?

Yes, fresh flowers need to be dropped off the day before the scheduled pickup or delivery.  You will be notified at the time of placing the order if there will be any additional charges for this service.


Do you offer a nutritional guide?

A nutritional guide is not available at this time.


Do you have any gluten free products?

Because all of our products are made in the same facility, we cannot say that any of our products are gluten free.  We do have certain items that are Made Without Gluten such as cupcakes, brownie drop cookies and macarons.  We do not recommend these products for people who will have a severe reaction to gluten.

You can view our Made Without Gluten products by clicking the Products/Ordering tab above.


How do I apply for employment?

Thank you for your interest! Apply Here!


Will you donate baked goods for our organization?

If you would like to make a donation request from Oakmont Bakery, please complete a donation request form located under the About Us section of or click here. Because the bakery receives an overwhelming amount of donation requests for great causes, we do have to limit what we donate.  Please keep in mind that our donations of end of day products are reserved for those groups in need of food such as homeless shelters or food pantries.  Gift certificate donations will be honored on a first come, first serve basis, as well as by merit.  We do require a minimum two week notice for all requests.  We will respond to your request by email within 1 week of submission.