Take A Tour

Welcome to Oakmont Bakery, where we create delicious memories!

Whether this is your first visit, or your third time this week, we hope this tour helps to navigate our bakery.


Pull a Number:   Please pull a number to purchase all items from behind the cases.  When your number is called over our sound system, please raise your hand to get our attention and a friendly member of our front counter staff will help you with anything you need.


Sweet Line:  The Sweetline is located at the far right counter.  This is our express line for picking up orders and checking out grab and go items such cookie trays or our deliciously cheesy pepperoni bread!  At the Sweetline we can help you with placing future orders. It is also our line for accessibility, if you have any special needs.


Café: Our café has a full lineup of delicious breakfast and lunch items such as crepes, waffles, sandwiches, soups, & salads.  Not to mention a state-of-the-art Espresso Bar!

There are two ways to order from our Café.

The first way is to place your order online at Oakmontbakery.com.  This can also be accessed by scanning the Café QR code located in our store.  You will be required to pay with a credit card online and simply pick your order up at the far-left register at the time you selected during checkout.

The second way is to place your order using one of our 3 Café Kiosks located on the left side of the vestibule.  Before completing your order, you will be prompted to enter your cell phone number to receive a text when your order is ready.  You can pay with a credit card at the kiosk or select Pay at Register and proceed to the far-left register to pay with cash or gift card.   When you receive the text that your order is ready, you can pickup at the far-left register.

There is no need to wait in multiple lines. The front counter staff can help you with all of your needs when your number is called.

It is our pleasure to create delicious memories for you!